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What Are Surplus Funds...
And Why Can You Make Thousands?
Dear Friend,

Welcome to Surplus List! If this is your first time here, then you're probably wondering...
"What Are Surplus Funds!??"
"How do I make money with them??"
Am I right?
What are Surplus Funds?
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Let Me Show You Why 
Tons Of Investors
Are Currently Abandoning Their Outdated Strategies For Surplus Funds.
But first, let me share with you a quick story that will help you to understand what Surplus Funds are, and more importantly, why YOU can make thousands.
Did you know that 9/10 Real Estate Investors 
never get there first deal...?
And even the investors that get deals, get stuck spending thousands of hours cold calling, or thousands of dollars on marketing strategies like direct mail that don't always work...how much are they actually making after Marketing Costs?

But... that doesn't even include any closing fees, commissions, or other expenses that come up when running your own business...

The reason why almost nobody can start investing in Real Estate now a days is because there all doing the exact same thing...and it's wrong.

What does every investor do? (Probably something similar to the following)

Get a list of Pre-Foreclosures, call them, pray that they get a deal, and hopefully make some money. (Sound Familiar?)

There are two problems with this...

1: This is exactly what every other investor is doing? (Oversaturated)

2: Nobody actually wants to sell their house for 50% of what it is worth... (Very Difficult)

But what if there was a way to make money by helping others receive money...that would be cool right?

That is exactly what Surplus Funds are...making money by giving people money.

When a house goes into foreclosure and sells at auction sometimes it sells for more than the foreclosing liens on the property...and every dollar over that is OWED to the foreclosed homeowner.

All we have to do is connect the money to the family that it is meant for....and we can make upwards of 20%-30% on those deals!

Surplus Funds come in all different sizes, we've seen them get as big as $730k...($146k Commission at 20%)

Pretty cool, don't you think?

But, what does that have to do with you?

Well, If you're like most people who do Real Estate Investing, you've probably spent hours cold calling, and you may or may not have gotten a deal.

But as I mentioned it is tough because it is super oversaturated and really hard to pull off! :(

And that's when you realize that if you want to make it in Real Estate in TODAY's Market....you can't be like everybody else.

You need to adjust to today's market, and make a few tweaks so you can do 'surplus funds'.

So instead of having people yell at you because your offer is horrendously low...

…why not have people thank you and be genuinely happy to hear from you because instead of taking...you're giving.

I get it...we've all been there. You're probably saying to yourself that this is crazy, right?

But You have seen it work at with my business partner and I, and you might have already heard about it online...but instead of telling you I'd rather show you!

So below for a limited time I am going to be hosting a FREE online workshop that will show you step by step how we do this, and a ton of case studies who have followed our process and done it as well!

This is what we call "Surplus Funds..."
So, What 'Tweaks' Do You Need to 
 Start Recovering Surplus Funds?

Well, a lot of that depends on what your currently doing. 

Are you actively looking for Real Estate deals...

If so, all you need to do is shift your focus and start marketing to people with Surplus Funds...

Yes, that means all you have to do is take what your doing now, and contact different people.
I don't care if you're cold calling, door knocking, direct mailing, emailing etc....

If you are looking for deals already, all 
YOU have to do is contact different people!

And Surplus List is the ONLY tool on earth that gives you...
Over $500,000,000 Worth Of HOT Surplus Fund Leads To Make Getting Deals Easier Than Ever!

If you've tried in the past to get a Real Estate Deal, just to put food on the table...

Then I want to to watch watch this quick video from one of our top Surplus List Users that will show you how simple it is to start closing Surplus Fund deals! (Even if your brand new)

How Maria Made $22,800+ With her First Deal...
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Open, and Close Surplus Fund Deals!

Now, I know that you've seen some cool stuff, and there are literally DOZENS of other awesome things I could show you about Surplus Funds...

But my goal isn't to 'SELL' you Surplus List, because today I wanted to make you a very special offer where you can try Surplus List on me... for FREE!

Yes, that means you can get your own Surplus List account today for free, and play with everything for the next 14 days, and put us the test.
So, What's The Catch...?
There is NO catch. We're going to let you test drive Surplus List AND the 9Investors.com Bootcamp for FREE because we know that after you start using them, you'll wonder how you ever survived without them!

Is There A Guarantee?
Of course. :) I guarantee that you'll LOVE Surplus List, and if for some reason you decide later that you don't want to be a members anymore, then we'll happily cancel your account without any penalties or fees. We don't believe in any long term contracts so you can come and go as you please.

Here's What To Do Next:
From here it's just finalizing the details. Click on the button below, and you can get instant access to Surplus List and the 9Investors Bootcamp!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and watch the training video and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Spencer Vann
CEO OF Surplus List
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